Why Organic Endeavors?

/ôrˈɡaembryonic-cellsnik/ : of, relating to, or derived from living organisms or carbon compounds; forming an integral element of a whole or having a systematic coordination of parts; of, relating to, or constituting the law by which an organization exists.

To be organic is the science of being alive and to be structured for growth, and that is what we do for businesses - we structure them for growth.

Most agencies might give you a cool new logo, a new website, a new strategy, or a new campaign, but then what? How do you know what worked? We help you build a marketing and sales growth infrastructure that you can execute on in order to build deeper relationships with your prospects and customers.

We use HubSpot and SalesForce Marketing Automation and CRM platforms to be the basis of your growth infrastructure. This way, the science of your growth becomes clear because you can measure it. This way, everyone can see it and collaborate on the same platform. This way you can scale your growth.


Our Services

  • Targeted Go-To Market Strategies
  • Account Based Marketing Strategies
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Setup, Configuration, Management and Integration
  • MA (Marketing Automation) Integration
  • Sales Enablement & Playbooks
  • Lead Generation and Pipeline Optimization Techniques
  • Analytics, Reporting, Dashboards and ROI


Who We Are

Allen Helms


Allen has been helping Atlanta-based organizations set up Sales & Marketing operational systems for over 20 years. As both a certified SalesForce and HubSpot consultant, he is uniquely experienced in how to design, implement, and then manage either platform to achieve your sales growth goals.

Michael Orell


Michael’s 20-year background blends significant marketing expertise on both the agency and client-side with a broad sales background including leadership, channel, direct, and inside roles. With a deep understanding of each side of the revenue engine within a business, Michael brings a unique perspective. He has achieved outsized success by combining effective use of sales tools and training with high-quality marketing leads. By taking advantage of CRM, digital marketing and marketing automation, he’s demonstrated over $30 million of top line revenue for a single customer.