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Make sure the leads you generate are enabling Sales Revenue & Pipeline. Avoid the major problems that most Organizations have when they don't integrate their HubSpot Marketing platform correctly with SalesForce CRM.

Do You...

  • Want to convert more "qualifed" Leads that will make your Sales team happier?
  • Have hundreds or thousands of Leads in SalesForce that haven't been touched or converted by Sales?
  • Wonder if you should be creating Leads or Contacts in SalesForce from HubSpot?
  • Have problems with duplicates and other bad data?
  • Want a more reliable way to measure ROI or Lead attribution of your Markekting programs?
  • Wonder which system you should use for tracking your Campaigns?
  • Need a better way to track the first touch or sources of your Leads?
  • Wonder which Leads or Contacts to sync between HubSpot and SalesForce? (and when to sync?)
  • Need help with mapping fields/properties between Leads, Contacts, Companies, Accounts, Deals and Opportunities
  • Want to use an Account-Based Marketing model in conjunction with Lead Gen?

Watch the presentation we gave to the Atlanta HubSpot User Group (HUG) to begin learning about the 3 Keys to integrating HubSpot Marketing with SalesForce CRM.

If you would like a complimentary presentation for your own team, a Q&A, or a more customized assessment of your current HubSpot or SalesForce configurations, please contact us below and we'll schedule a free presentation or assessment (whichever you prefer) so that you can have a better idea of where you can make improvements.

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