Custom HS2SF Campaign Reporting Apps


How can you tell which Campaigns are influencing your Sales Pipeline?


Stop using spreadsheets! Upgrade the already excellent and freely available HubSpot-Salesforce integration to take full advantage of native Salesforce Campaign Management functionality that gives you all the attribution level reporting your executive team has been asking you for in a real-time Salesforce Campaign dashboard.

While the standard HubSpot-Salesforce integration remains the best in the industry, it lacks a few of the fundamental features that fully enable campaign-level attribution and reporting on the Salesforce side of the integration - where Salesforce organizations are already tracking their revenue pipeline and sales forecasting data in the form of Opportunities.

These gaps include:

  • No consistently reliable way to track Lead Sources
  • No consistently reliable way to automatically link Leads/Contacts to their Opportunities
  • No consistently reliable way to track “new” leads on existing Accounts
  • No consistently reliable way to track the lead status of Contacts
  • No consistently reliable way to manage multiple Campaigns and Campaign Members

These gaps result in inconsistent data and poor reporting that doesn’t inform sound, executive-level, decision making. And worse, it actually creates additional conflicts within your systems, fostering dissension inside your GTM efforts. This costs revenue and is why you always need to Think Before You Sync!

HubSpot + Salesforce Large

Custom Apps to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce


Depending on how deeply you want to improve upon the standard integration between HubSpot and Salesforce, we offer two levels of additional integration add-on applications that solve the most common challenges clients face when wanting to eliminate the MQL Hell friction between their two teams and systems.

Custom-designed by certified HubSpot Solution Partners, these apps show the important impact that marketing programs have on sales pipeline revenue, from HubSpot through to Salesforce.

Certified DevOps

Custom-designed by certified HubSpot Partners and Salesforce Architects for Admins that want to better support their Sales teams.

Easy integration

Apps that enable your integration between HubSpot and Salesforce to make the hard syncing decisions easier.

Clear Reporting

Now you can show the important impact that marketing programs have on the sales pipeline.



One-time set-up


for all users

Beta pricing

limited availability

Opportunity Primary Contact Role

A custom Salesforce field and custom Salesforce Flow automation that requires and assigns a standard Primary Contact Role on every single Salesforce Opportunity. This is the critical link between the data collected from all of the interactions used to build a personal relationship (Contact) and the data collected from the Opportunities that result from this relationship when they become your customer. Most Salesforce orgs don’t take the time and effort to automate this important feature, so it isn’t done consistently. We fix this for you.

HS2SF Primary Contact assignment in Salesforce

In this example, the “New Logo Opportunity - Trial” is automatically associated with the Primary Contact “Michael” so that the revenue amount can then be connected to all of the Campaigns that Michael has responded to or been touched by. In other words, this connects the Revenue to the person and the campaign.

Shared Contact Status

A custom Salesforce field mapped inside the standard integration to HubSpot for BOTH the Salesforce Lead AND Contact objects to eliminate the inherent discrepancies between the HubSpot Lifecycle Stage and the Salesforce Lead Status - neither of which work well within the integration. This way, you see, at a glance, the status of every Lead AND Contact in BOTH HubSpot and Salesforce.

HS2SF Shared contact status across HubSpot and Salesforce

Account Domain Match

Custom Salesforce APEX code that automatically matches Salesforce Leads with Accounts that have other Contacts sharing the same domain name.

Custom Salesforce Campaign Influence

This is Salesforce Lightning’s recommended way of enabling and managing Salesforce Campaign Influence. In other words, this is Salesforce’s preferred way to manage campaigns and integrate with any prospecting or marketing automation system including their own Marketing Automation Platform (i.e. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement - formerly known as Pardot). Customizable Campaign Influence is also commonly referred to as Salesforce Campaign Influence 2.0.

HS2SF Campaign Influence Last Touch in Salesforce

Custom Salesforce Campaign Influence Attribution Models

These 3 custom models give you the basics of any Campaign attribution reporting strategy at the Opportunity level.

  • First Touch - the Campaign that first interacted with the Campaign Member get 100% of the attribution.
  • Last Touch - the Campaign that last interacted with the Campaign Member gets 100% of the attribution.
  • Even Distribution - all Campaigns that interacted with the Campaign Member get equal attribution.
HS2SF Salesforce Campaign Influence Models

In this example: the contact first interaction was at a conference and then proceeded to download a whitepaper, attend a webinar, enrol in the newsletter and finally request a demo.

Campaign Influence Dashboard

Salesforce reports and dashboards that show all of your Campaign Influence data in a graphical format. It pulls together the Lead, Contact, Campaign, Campaign Member, and Opportunity all together in one place. Stop constantly updating multiple spreadsheets!

Free integration user

Uses the new complementary Salesforce API-only license to better integrate both systems and eliminate the possibility of interruptions or permissioning issues. This also saves you the cost of a Salesforce User license.


N.B. - HS2SF requires minimal initial manual setup in the Salesforce and HubSot orgs that will need to be coordinated with your System Administrators.



One-time set-up


for all users

alpha pricing

coming soon!
includes all functionality from the basic HS2SF Campaign app, plus...
  • Includes automated Lead conversion in Salesforce using custom Account Matching rules
  • Provides deeper level touch point and follow up reporting at a Key Persona Interaction (KPI) level using Salesforce Task types for better visibility and reporting for deeper insight and follow up of marketing and sales interactions that aren’t quite “pipeline ready”
  • Uses Custom Behavioral Events in HubSpot to help track the KPIs

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